Tourmaline is a silicate mineral compounded with other important elements, including Silicon Dioxide, Ferric Oxide, and Titanium Oxide. According to research and information obtained by the Company and the Trennel Group, Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) may have a rejuvenating effect on human skin and bone conditions, Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3) and Titanium Oxide (TiO2) may help in turning blood slightly alkaline and thus potentially restore elasticity to blood vessels, which could assist in improving blood circulation and/or increasing the metabolism of certain cells within the human body.

Touri-on Technology

Redbit® Products with Touri-on Technology contain the mineral Tourmaline that is incorporated into fabric and related material through a proprietary process. Through such process, the mineral compound is liquified and infused into the fabric to facilitate negative ion production through wear and other use. Fabric produced with Touri-on Technology may be categorized as “performance enhancing smart fabrics”. Redbit® Products that make use of fabric with Tourmaline incorporated through the foregoing process are intended to provide for certain health and wellness benefits as well as certain improvements in athletic and fitness activities or performance. The Company is continuing to study and refine the potential benefits and applications of Touri-on Technology and associated Redbit® Products.



Negative ions, which exist in the air, are categorized into small and large ions depending on their mass. Small ions, which are lighter and travel faster in the air, are more efficiently absorbed by the human body and produce more negative ion effects than large ions. It is said that the amount of electrons, which work on the body, determine the negative ion effects.

It is said that it was in the early 1990’s when former Russian and German researchers, Sokoloff and Steffenssome, conducted some research. In 1903 Sokoloff suggested that air ions have positive effects on rheumatism in the Caucasus region. Steffens made the first report on air ion therapy in 1910.

We do not have enough information to conclude the more the better. Various negative ion effects on the human body have been reported. Some medical literature written over half a century ago shows that high density negative ions are not always good for health. However, there has been no report that high density negative ions have a negative effect while many negative ion generators.

This is often explained that negative ions work on the autonomic nervous system but this theory is not widely accepted. Negative ions control the sympathetic nervous system to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Negative ions are generally created by: Photoelectric effect by solar rays

  • Atmospheric diffusion caused by UV rays
  • Thunder/Lenard effects
  • Electron diffusion caused by alpha rays emitted from the inside of the earth
  • Electron diffusion caused by beta rays emitted when the earth’s crust moves
  • Electron diffusion caused by gamma rays when atmospheric pressure falls

Most of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and volatile compounds which cause offensive odors are positively charged. Negative ions combine with them and fall onto the floor/ground to remove them from the air.

It is said that negative ions are absorbed by breathing and skin.