How to Ramp Up Motivation to Exercise

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How to Ramp Up Motivation to Exercise

Most people have been there. They’ve wanted to exercise, but couldn’t find the motivation. If you wish to stay in shape, yet sit on the couch more often than you visit the gym, your enthusiasm needs boosting.

Drop limiting beliefs

On one hand, you want to exercise, on the other though; you don’t. You are in two minds, and the one preferring inactivity is winning. Ask yourself what it will take to get you to put on your running shoes and exercise. What needs to change? Something’s blocking you from taking action.

Limiting beliefs may hold you back rather than laziness. If you don’t think you’ll ever get in shape, you won’t bother to exercise. Likewise, imagining you don’t have enough time or energy can prevent you working out. Identify why you aren’t exercising and challenge beliefs stopping you.


Increase confidence

Improve self-belief, and you’ll have more confidence to work out. Picture yourself doing an exercise you enjoy. See yourself in excellent shape, smiling and having fun. Use your senses to create a realistic vision.

For instance, if you imagine swimming, smell the water and feel it on your skin. Taste it and feel your limbs move. Hear the water splashing and notice every little detail.

Also, ensure you stay in your comfort zone when you exercise. Choose an activity you can carry out without straining. Knowing you can accomplish your aim will increase your confidence, and when you gain strength and experience, you can step up your exercise level.


Develop a gratifying routine

Even if you carry out an enjoyable exercise, you also need a routine you love. Why? Because you anticipate the route you will take when jogging or the number of sets you do at the gym. Your routine should whet your appetite to get moving. If you don’t like the way you exercise, your motivation will plummet.

Consider whether your routine involves exercising in class, with a buddy, or alone, and where it will take place. How long will each session be, and what equipment will you use?

These details are part of your exercise routine and can make or break your willingness to take action. You can change the way you exercise as you see fit, but start with a plan that suits you now.

Your confidence and beliefs influence your motivation to exercise. Additionally, your routine impacts your inclination to remain on the couch or workout. Drop limiting ideas, increase self-assurance, and create an inspiring routine. As a result, your motivation will escalate.

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